How can I make a payment for my TID bill online

Online Payment Questions

How can I make a payment for my TID bill online?

Go to and click on 'My Account.'  You will be prompted to login or create an account. If you are creating an account it would be recommended to have your bill close by for the registration process. The information you will need to create an account is your customer number, a valid email, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Once you create an account an email will be sent to your email address in which you can login once you have secured your identity. You will only need to create your account once.

Is there a fee to pay online?

Yes. This fee is charged by Western Union as a service charge to process each transaction. Western Union will charge as follows:

Residential electric accounts........................................................$2.95 per transaction

Commercial and industrial electric accounts.......................$11.95 for each $2,000 paid

Can I pay with my checking account?

You may choose to pay online with a check, but the payment will go through Western Union so a convenience fee will apply and the payments will not be automatic. However, you may set up an Automated Bill Pay directly through TID or your bank to pay your TID bill with your checking account. These payments would be deducted monthly directly from your checking account. To sign up for Automated Bill Pay please call a Customer Service Representative at 883-8222.

How can I avoid paying the convenience fee?

TID offers a wide variety of options to pay your bill without paying a convenience fee.

You may bring your check or cash payment to any one of our Customer Service locations (Ceres, Turlock, Patterson) or any one of our authorized pay stations. You may also write a check and mail your payment in or drop it in a designated drop box.  You may also set up Automated Bill Pay (ABP) directly through TID or through your bank. This scheduled payment would directly come from your checking account each month.

How soon will the payment reflect on my account?

Typically it takes 1-2 business days for the payment to be posted to your account.

Am I able to pay any amount that I choose or just the total amount due?

You can pay any amount that you choose on your account. Remember that every credit card transaction will be charged a convenience fee.

Can I make a payment online if I have a disconnect notice?

Yes, although it is not advised. If your payment does not post in time to your account, your service can still be interrupted for non-payment of the account. It is recommended to call Western Union to make a payment over the phone or to walk in a payment to any one of TID's Customer Service Offices or authorized pay stations.

Why is it not allowing me to pay online?

There are various reasons why you may not be able to make a payment online.

The best way to find out why your payment is not going through is to call a Customer Service Representative at 883-8222.

How do I change information on my online account?

Once you login to your account, select the 'My Profile' button on the navigation bar. There are opportunities to change your email address, your password or the way you receive your TID bills. For your actual service account changes you will need to call a Customer Service Representative at 883-8222.

How can I request to receive e-bills or paper bills?

When you register for your online account, you will be prompted to select how you would like to receive your future TID bills. If you would like to change the way you receive your bills select the 'My Profile' button on the navigation bar and select change my email. You will be given an opportunity to change your bill selection on this page.

If you have any other questions regarding paying your bill online, please contact the TID Customer Service Department at 883-8222, or if you are calling from Patterson please call 892-4953.